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Looking to sell your home?

Selling your home can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.

Think about what you look for in a home you want to buy. What are the things you pay attention to the most?

Those things are likely going to catch the attention of potential buyers. You want your home to sell as quickly and painlessly as possible without wasting excess time and money to make it happen.  With a little planning and forethought that goal can easily be had!

What are some of the things you have loved about your home? Do you have a great backyard space, but a tiny kitchen? While you can’t change the layout of your home, there are things that you can do to appeal to buyers even with that tiny kitchen!

1. Fresh Paint

I know, I know – painting is not the most fun or exciting activity, but if your home needs a new coat then it should get a new coat.

Even if the paint is in good condition, but the colors are not very neutral, then the home would still benefit greatly from a fresh, more neutral palette.

Not only will a new coat give your home that “new” look and feel, but it will also appeal to a greater pool of buyers. If your home already has a neutral color scheme then you’ll want to be sure any rough spots are touched up with the exact same color and sheen.

If you don’t know the color and sheen of your existing paint then you can take a sample to one of our local paint stores to get it color-matched. I promise – it will be very obvious if the touch-ups aren’t an exact match.

2. Declutter

Clutter can be tricky. A beautifully personalized home to one buyer can be a heavily cluttered home to another. Trust me – I love photos, wall art, plants, furniture, and just about any other form of self-expression, but these things can make rooms feel smaller and spaces feel cluttered to many buyers.

Pro-Tip: You want potential buyers to easily imagine what their own belongings will look and feel like in these spaces.

It is best to get some other perspectives on how your home should be “staged” to appeal to a wider audience. This is where your favorite Oklahoma City Realtor (me!) can come to the rescue and help alleviate the stress and indecisiveness that often accompanies the decluttering process.

3. Tile & Grout

Dirty grout: the bane of newer and older homes alike.

I have shown beautiful homes where the only thing the buyers talked about was the dirty showers or filthy floors. In all reality, these showers and floors may have been perfectly clean, but if the grout hasn’t been sealed and properly maintained then the appearance of the grout lines will weather over time.

Even if you’re a clean freak, maintaining perfect grout lines – especially with light-colored grout – can be very challenging. There are some great products available that can help clean weathered grout lines and even colorants that can restore grout lines to their former glory.

4. Fixtures

Leaky faucet? Loose drawer handles? Missing light bulbs? Small fixes can make a big difference to detail-oriented buyers. We can work together to identify these fixes so you can maximize the value of your home - and I know a great handyman if you need one!

5. Landscaping

While landscaping might seem daunting, just a basic refresh usually does the trick!

Trimming bushes and trees, cleaning up any debris from the yard, and a quick mow can make a huge impact. If you have a garden bed, clean it up and plant some seasonal flowers to give a pop of color. Sweep the front and back porches and make sure that giant pile of leaves gets to the trash can. If you’re short on time then I can coordinate everything for you!


There is no ‘one size fits all’ option, but these simple tips can certainly go a long way when selling your home. Call me anytime and we can work together to get your home ‘market ready’.

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