Eye-catching Ways to Decorate with Plants

Using plants as décor is a great way to add a little color and a natural, bright feel to any room. Here's a few tips to get you started!

Last updated on
February 19, 2024 9:45 AM
Alyssa McDowell

Spring is around the corner, but it's not quite time to get outside and garden. If you're ready to get your hands back in the soil like I am you might want to up your indoor plant game before heading outside (until mid-April - then it's game on!). Using plants as décor is a great way to add a little color and a natural, bright feel to any room. Of course, there are endless types of plants to choose from and various ways to display each one, but here are a few favorite combinations to get you started.

  1. Geometric pots. Find geometric pots or planters of various sizes and plant small succulents of different styles and colors in each one. Then group a few pots together on a window sill or shelf or use them individually to adorn a side table or center of the dining room table. Your local hardware stores are bringing out the new spring collections so there's an abundance to choose from!
  2. Long, hanging plants. You can purchase a larger, draping plant-like eucalyptus, fern, or ivy and hang it from the ceiling using a macramé plant hanger or place it on a high shelf or ladder to display it in all of its glory. These plants are perfect for the corner of your living room or room with a large, plain wall that is in need of a pop of color.
  3. Plant corner. Do you have a large corner in the dining or living room and need ideas on how to fill it? Consider turning it into a small plant sanctuary! Select plants of all different sizes, heights, colors, and styles and purchase either matching pots or a mix of designs. Consider the use of a stool or small table to create additional levels and strategically place each one in the corner. Don't forget to make sure they can get enough light.
  4. Air plants. Air plants are all the rage these days! These little guys are universal and can be included in DIY wall art, hung from the ceiling or on the wall inside geometric metal prisms, or placed inside beautiful glass terrariums alongside other plants and colorful rocks or sand. They'll definitely add a new dimension to your decor.

Hopefully these indoor plant tips will hold you over until it's time to get outside and 'dig in' to your garden. Hang in there Oklahoma, it's almost time!